Cattlepult nearing completion - and Mind Bender: WOW

Cattleult will be done in the next few days by my reconing, which will be nice, as it leaves me the second alf of this month to do another game. I’ll email the final version of the editor along with some premade levels for you guys to play to Dan tonight, its really turned into a Bloons with far more depth, and you can get some really awesome puzzles in its 15 by 15 grid, so I hope people  have fun with it.
Also, when playing wit Portal: The Flash version, having played a pre release version of the real Portal, it didnt hit me with the wow factor that it seemed to hit everyone else with, it was still excellent, but it was still in the mould of a much larger experience. Luka’s Mind Bender, however, hit me with that wow factor. It was incredible. Although Jumping was kind of hyper sensitive, I feel this added to it – it became skill based as well as puzzle based. It was an awesome experience.