Christmas Flash Games

‘Tis the season of tinsel, lights, cranberry sauce, reindeer surgery and rocket packs.  What, you don’t like a little action in your festivities? Here at Armor Games, we’re about to mix it up and give you eight toys for your Christmas stocking…



Rocket Santa  

There is only one way to get gifts to the little moon children, and Santa is up for the challenge. Forget the reindeer,  strap on your jet pack and prepare to launch into the stars with Rocket Santa and Rocket Santa 2.



Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition

Alan Probe is back on the job after his private jet collides with an unfortunate reindeer while flying over the North Pole.   Utilizing nearby tools (such as a leaf blower and pixie dust) you must save Santa and his various fellows to resuscitate the holidays.



Effing Worms – Xmas

So you didn’t get that bicycle or pony you wanted for Christmas and want some revenge? In Effing Worms Xmas, eat your way up the food chain of elves, yeti, and festive nyan cats to the jolly man himself. Then steal his hat, just because.



Icy Gifts

Who knows exactly how Santa and all the gifts this year were frozen, but Christmas is in danger and the only way to fix things is to blow stuff up.  Your mission is to keep your cool and plant explosives in the water, freeing the jolly man and his Christmas cheer.


Screen shot 2011-12-20 at 4.48.35 PM

Infectonator Christmas Edition

For those that wish to ruin the holiday season by destroying the world, this holiday version of Infectonator is the perfect gift.  Not the wrapped present type of gift, more like the “bah humbug, I want to turn Santa into a drooling zombie” sort of present.



James the Christmas Zebra

He’s a zebra you see, a zebra with a festive hat.  He enjoys eating tasty Christmas cookies and hanging from the clouds by grabbing stars in his mouth.  He dislikes explosive puddings because, hey, who wouldn’t.  This game is a must for zebra and cookie fans!


Cargo Bridge Christmas Pack

Maybe you’re not big on rescuing Santa, or turning him into a zombie, or unfreezing him from the depths of the sea.  You just want to build some bridges.  Well, we have you covered.  Cargo Bridge has a Christmas Edition, you bridge-loving elf.




A Blocky Christmas

For the puzzle folks among us, try this one out for size.  You are a star.  You are magnetic.  You are a magnetic star that likes to pull blocks about in an effort to solve various Christmas shaped puzzles.  Quite a challenge, give it a try!