Clash of the Dragons Anniversary

This week marks the start of this year’s Clash of the Dragon three-week anniversary celebration. The main theme is the ascent of the Mountain of Champions. The Normal Zone will be easy for new players, however after the Anniversary is over you will be able to reset it to more challenging difficulties. Are you prepared? The Summit of the Mountain of Champions is a place where you will find out how heroic you really are.


More Information:

Part of the main theme is the community collection of Laurels, which the they will use each week to bypass the Gate Keeper and get to the Summit of the mountain. There is a tutorial on the home page that will explain how this works and where these laurels drop (there are tons of places that drop laurels for free players and pay players alike).

Also this the Clash of the Dragon Anniversary brings some new crafts, recipes, updating some old items, and a new Anniversary Pack. The Anniversary Pack has a chance to drop any pack card that is not currently in the core set or the Uprising set. It is also Epic+ and contains Laurels and Arete Tokens which can be used to improve the newly released Powerflux cards. A Best Value Bundle (similar to the Dragon Chest) is in the advanced shop, and has even more value than before!


New brawls will drop crafts for a new Battle-Forged card, as well as common and uncommon versions of Powerflux cards (of which there will be several throughout the event). All of the Chests of Untold Riches are enhanced, so that while they contain the same basic content, they now drop a craft item that crafts Draft Packs, 2nd Core/Uprising Fortune Packs, and Uprising Packs, instead of Energy Potions and Skill Points. Also there is a new Epic card in the Qwiladrian Power Stones recipes.

Not more spoilers, but explore the game and make play each week as 5th Planet will be unveiling new content and maybe totally new features in the coming weeks…