Coming Soon: Crush the Castle: Siege Master

Coming Soon: Crush the Castle: Siege Master

Since 2009, the original free Crush the Castle game has been played over 26 million times on alone, and its enjoyed a number of successful spin-offs. You know what they say… can’t keep me away from that trebuchet.

… I’m sure SOME people say that.

Now, Armor Games is proud to announce the iconic series is coming back for more with Crush the Castle: Siege Master, an all-new smashing good free game for iOS and Android with all the trebuchet action fans love. The game launches late this year with 100 levels full of lovingly handcrafted castles, towers, and bizarre buildings for you to crush to smithereens with a variety of projectiles, rannging from basic boulders to fireballs, air-dropped bombs, and more. Hit up the links below to visit the official Crush the Castle: Siege Master website and press kit to learn more.

The goal in each stage of Crush the Castle: Siege Master can vary, but at its core the objective is all about smashing the structure to pieces and taking out any characters hiding inside in the process. You tap once to set the trebuchet arm swinging, and then again to let your chosen projectile fly, but aim carefully! You have a limited number of shots for each stage, and of course to get the coveted three star rating, the requirements are even trickier. As the game opens, your father, the king, has sold off all of the royal army to fuel his loot box addiction, and you as the royal child are stuck using the only tool left – your trusty trebuchet – to fend off the invaders trying to take over the kingdom for their own. With a hundred levels to start and more coming in future updates, plus no annoying timers or pay walls, Crush the Castle: Siege Master is a colorful, fun game of physics-based projectile puzzle mayhem for everyone. We hope you’ll check out the official Crush the Castle: Siege Master website and help us spread the news!

Check out the official Crush the Castle: Siege Master website, and follow Armor Games on Twitter and Facebook.

Author: Dora Breckinridge / Follow me on Twitter!

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