Coming Soon: The Last Stand: Union City



The Last Stand: Union City is finally due for release next week. In a departure from the The Last Stand and it’s sequel, Union City has you creating your own survivor and finding your way in the infested urban environment. Here’s what to expect:

– Action RPG in a side scrolling open world.

– Ten unique locations, consisting of over 200 rooms.

– No barricades to hide behind, you’ll need to search for what you’ll need to survive.

– Close to 50 base weapons and over 150 variants, you’ll have more than a few ways to dispatch the infected.

– Interact with other survivors to learn their stories and perhaps gain a companion.

– Play in Run’n’Gun mode for a more action based experience or the more difficult Survivor mode where you’ll need to consider your character’s need for food and sleep.

– Oh yeah, and you get to kill lots of zombies.

Scavenge, loot and fight your way to survival, soon!