Coming Soon: Zombotron 2

The time has come! Zombotron 2 is currently in the development stage. The sequel to the first Zombotron that had 1.7m plays along with a rating of 8.9, sounds very promising. Just in case you don’t take our word for it, see what the developer himself (Anton Karlov) had to say:

“The new game is not just a bunch of new levels with the old content, Zombotron 2 – is a completely reworked game with new features. The development of the game began with the full rewriting of the game engine and it is possible to increase game performance. Now the game will have more animated objects, colorful effects, as well as more advanced enemies. We plan to add more than 5 new types of enemies, most of whom will be really advanced, and new enemies will be able to jump, run and shoot.

 Fighting arsenal of the player  will replenish 5 kinds of new weapons, not counting the knives. In addition, players will be able to lay mines or throw grenades. Beside the weapons trophies   will appear that will improve or provide new opportunities for the hero. Much attention will be paid to the new dynamic objects which the player can interact with and destroy – these are different turntables, which are to be feared, as a player and enemies, sliding platforms, secret doors and much more. Also in the game the landscape will be destroyed!

 The storyline of the new game will reveal the most of secrets of the planet Zombotron, and with the history of the game the story  heroes will come you can interact with. The game promises to be full of action and adventure!”– Anton Karlov

Be on the lookout for Zombotron 2! Set to release February 2012.