Corporation Inc Coming Soon!

UPDATE : Corporation is now out on ArmorGames, Click Here to Play.

Howdy Armor Blog readers!

I’ve been working hard on a larger game called Corporation Inc.  It’s business management meets Simtower, come take a look:


Corp Inc. is one part building, one part office management… all built from the ground up.  You start with an empty plot and have at your disposal many tools to get your business running.  While building a nice-looking office is fun, the real challenge comes with from hiring the right employees and managing them correctly in their office environment.

Each employee is specialized in what they do.  Workers push buttons to earn money, which are managed by Supervisors and aided by Accountants who streamline their productivity.  IT Workers keep things running by fixing light fixtures and desks.  As you progress you’ll promote your workers and upgrade their office spaces to create crazy-efficient (or inefficient) work spaces.


In addition to keeping your employees working you have to keep them happy.  Placing them too close to elevators or in bad working conditions (broken lights and desks) will cause them to be sad.  You can help ease their unrest with plants, vending machines, and yes, water coolers.  It’s all about working a building’s design and workers within a great corporate framework.


Research and Goals help you get through your building development as well.  You’ll earn bonuses for accomplishing tasks on your goals list which will help your office grow!  Hiring researchers will help you gain the edge by discovering more office features and hiring options.

The game is coming out Thursday, November 11 Friday, November 12!  Hope you enjoy this preview!