Crush The Castle 2: Players Pack


Hey Crush The Castle Fans,

Crush the Castle 2: Players Pack is about to go into the works and I wanted to give the fans the chance to come up with the next big thing to add to the new game. I know you guys are very creative out there because I’ve seen some amazing castles come out of the People’s Empire, so this is your chance to tell us your fun, silly, awesome ideas for the new Crush the Castle game. Whether the idea will be a new weapon type to throw, a new block type to crush, or even a new character to taunt you while you throw bomb after bomb at him; we want you to be as creative as possible with these ideas.

The winner will get their choice of an Armor Games Shirt AND a new Armor Games Mug. Plus they will get their great idea implemented in the new game and their name in the credits for Crush the Castle 2: Players Pack

Please submit your awesome ideas to this Crush The Castle 2: Players Pack Form. Have Fun!