Play Crush the Castle Adventures

**NOTE: Already beaten the game and want more? Battle the ‪‎elves and trees of Fangorn Pass in these new levels just released!

The long awaited sequel to Crush the Castle has released at last! Created by Joey Betz with art from Jimp, Crush the Castle Adventures introduces an all-new comedic story of the lovelorn King, out to woo his dear Lady Catapult. At introduction, players are challenged by 107 levels in nine unique lands, with hundreds of new levels on the way.

New to Crush the Castle Adventures, players can select from three siege weapons (trebuchet, catapult, and ballista) and a host of new projectiles to rain destruction down on challenging castles. The castles themselves are now constructed with destructible blocks built on the Nape physics engine, giving a sense of realism not present in previous games. If a particular level proves too challenging, the players can now call for help in the form of Naval Cannons, Blimps, and Magic Spells. Throughout the adventure, a comedic story-line add a dimension of humor to the unlikely love story.