Crush the Castle: Player Pack Levels

Crush the Castle: Player Pack

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The King has ordered his people to build him as many castles as he desires.

Crush the Castle: Player Pack is coming and the king is looking for some more castles to crush. If you think you have what it takes or have the perfect castle, feel free to submit your castle here: Crush the Castle – Custom Castle Submission Form. Castles can only be submitted through this form, so no posting castles in the comments (The King will be very displeased). The final due date for castle submissions is 6/22/09 12:00AM PST. If you submit a castle and need to update it for whatever reason during that time, submit the changed castle code and put in the comments which castle this is an update for.

Feel free to check out Crush the Castle and Crush the Castle – Custom Castles Forum Post for some ideas on castles. However, you must be the sole creator of the castle you submit, as the King does not want plagiarized castles.

Some notes before you build your castle:

  • There is no limit to the number of shots that can be fired.
  • Castles must have at least one member of royalty.
  • Castles cannot be impossible, as that makes the King very unhappy.

Happy Building!