Cursed Treasure 2 Greenlight Campaign

Greetings, cherished reader! As you may have heard, we’ve been working behind the scenes with developer extraordinaire IriySoft to bring one of their most popular titles to Steam. Hit tower-defense game Cursed Treasure 2 is currently in Steam Greenlight, and if you love the series as much as we do and want to support the creator for years of fine, free games, we’d appreciate it if you could take the time to vote “Yes” and help it over the edge. It’s what your inner evil overlord would want you to do.

“But Dora,” I hear you say, “Cursed Treasure 2 is already on iTunes and Google Play. What is it going to have on Steam?”

Excellent question, my little narrative tactic! The ultimate goal with this version is both to make it available to a wider audience, and to ensure it feels like a proper desktop game, not just a port from your phone. This includes the basics you’d expect, like massaging and reworking aspects of the UI to take advantage of desktop functionality and real-estate. It also means sprinkling in the Steam-based goodies you’ve come to expect… trading cards, achievements, emotes, and wallpapers.

Cursed Treasure 2 Greenlight

If you’ve never played Cursed Treasure 2 before, well, there’s no time like the present! It’s a tower-defense game, where you’re the bad guy… and that’s good! See, you’re trying to protect your cache of magical gems from the wretched heroes who are trying to carry them off, and by building towers that have their own unique powers along the terrain, you can stop them before they reach your treasure.

The undead towers, for instance, can be upgraded to slow or frighten enemies into turning back, while demon towers can turn the ground into painful molten lava. Each set of towers has various effects you can choose to make use of, in addition to being able to enhance them permanently using stars you earn for beating levels. Heroes like the ninja, who can turn invisible, or the heavily armored paladin who can shield his companions might seem formidable, but, well… that’s for smiting is for. Spend some of the mana you accumulate to drop a massive fireball or two and you’re golden!

We hope you’ll consider checking the game out and voting for Cursed Treasure 2 on Steam Greenlight. Your support of indie developers makes not only games like Cursed Treasure 2 popular, but helps further the development of even more games down the road. Please help us spread the news, and join the fight against the heroic hordes!

Cursed Treasure 2 Greenlight

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