Cursed Treasure 2 Update

Cursed Treasure 2 has been updated by IriySoft to v1.3.0 with some new features, many bug fixes and a total game rebalance. The exact fixes are detailed below, but if you were having any issues or bugs with the game previously try it today!


Patch Notes:

– Fast Speed can be toggled instead of holding (pause the game to switch controls)
– New hotkeys: P for pause, T for next wave
– Coins autocollect before the next wave
– Texts are tweaked
– Terror protects from Charm for 2 seconds
– Total game re-balance: skill effects, meteor damage, towers XP formula, towers upgrade costs, towers ranges and damages, enemies HP are tweaked
– All the levels are re-balanced
– Fixed bugs:
+ Towers XP on highground was incorrect
+ Damage bonuses were not applied
+ A lot of XP when losing
+ Crypt charges were whirling
+ Crypt charges did not re-aim
+ Scared enemies do not stuck
+ … and a lot of others


CT2-21 (1)