Dark Cut Branching: Introducing Light Cut


To steer away from the RPG for a while, I have been working on small branch of the Dark Cut series.  I wouldn’t call it Dark Cut 3, but more of a Dark Cut 2.9 or a prequel of sorts.  Either way, It’s the 1940’s, deep in the heart of World War II.  A field doctor has come back from months of traumatic operating room procedures, and has to recall his traumatic moments with his doctor.  The shell shocked medic officer retells some of the recent nightmares he’s been having, ever since he got back from the war.

Unlike the other Dark Cut games, this one has a lot more mixed media in it.  There are certain operations and procedures that rely exclusively on the use of a microphone (of course, the game lets you bypass these ops if you don’t have a microphone), and there are now voices in the game.  The game is definitely getting bigger and better with each new release, and I am sure this one will fit in quite nicely with the others.  Expect the usual, but definitely expect the extraordinary in this one :).

Expect a release next week.  Tally-ho!