Desk Makeover

Post-it NotesJames has been working really hard on his “Shoot Lasers into objects” game, and we really wanted to give him a hand in level design. Using yellow post-it notes, we sketched out several different configurations of lasers, satellites, and other awesome playing field objects (the game is a top-down, laser-bending game). The Post-It notes were the perfect size to make level designs out of, but really, the back sticky side of these Post-It notes really went to waste.

Putting 2 and 2 together, we realized that James’ inappropriately bare desk and our excess of Post-It Note levels could only spell out a winning combination (of course, our office policies clearly state that all desk must have a minimum of fifteen pieces of flair). His desk needed an office makeover.

Beyond these shenanigans James’ game is looking phenomenal, and you really got to play it to see how it is!