Detective Grimoire Returns

In early 2007, The Super Flash Bros (Tom and myself) could be found working night and day on a Flash game that would become their most popular offering to the Internet since the Decline of Video Gaming. It was a simple detective story – a murder mystery, known as Detective Grimoire.

4 years later…..Detective Grimoire leaves his office for a brand new story – a new mystery and, most likely, a new murder.

This game has a new location, all brand new characters (apart from a handful of returning faces) and new gameplay features. It includes more detailed animation, voice acting and a second artist working exclusively on beautiful background art.

Tom and I are in the thick of development right now, working on every single element of the game at once! There is a lot of work to do, but the end result will be something truly special!

I have an Official Development Blog where I regularly post images and updates, but from now on I’ll be doing the same here at the Armor Blog, so the choice is yours 🙂

I put together some images for your enjoyment, and there are more to check out over at the Grimoire Blog, if you’ve a spare moment.
More information soon!