Ding Dong the bells are gonna Chiiiime!

I’m writing to you all from a hotel room in Wales, which, as you keen Geographaticians will know, is in the sunny old United Kingdom. It’s 2.38 AM and I’m about to get into bed, it’s quite late I know, especially since I have an early start tomorrow. Becaaause…

I’m getting married in the morning!

Alot of you will have spoken to or commented on the profile of Morbid Giggle on Armor, who has been my Fiancee officially for a little over a year, and tomorrow we’ll be tying the knot ready for a life of Love, Hugs and Computer Games. Afterwards we’ll be jetting off to St Lucia (after a short weekend in London) courtesy of the best free online games site in the world.  Dan, The Armor Games’ head honcho, as I’m sure you know, surprised me with a big chunk of money for what looks to be a dream honeymoon in St Lucia, which is far more than we were expecting to stretch to, and once again proving that this is the best job in the world.

So, I’ll be back in a weekish with my new wife, the best girl I’ve ever known, and also the best at sifting through Shift Level submissions to find the great ones :p

P.S.Work on Shift 4 is progressing very nicely, get ready for some twisty fun very soon 😀

P.P.S. During my bachelor party my friends decided to ambush me with plastic wrap and duct tape me to a parking meter before shooting me with a waterpistol in the middle of February. Who needs enemies, eh?