Dragon's Call II Christmas

Dragon’s Call II has some great Christmas celebration happening soon. Read below and get more information about special Xmas pets and treasure chests and try out this fun MMO today.


More Information:

The Christmas festival has not only brought us the generous reward, but also a special Xmas pet – Christmas Iris. She has the fairy’s peculiar purity and beauty, the translucent wings as the sunlight in winter what give us warm and happy. Do you want to own her? Just come and join our activities!

How to gain:
You need to collect item which named “Snowflake” from our Christmas activities (Online) then exchange it for the Christmas Iris. The required amount of Snowflake will be 300.
PS: The Snowflake can be exchanged for other rewards also.
After you have collected 300 Snowflake, you will be able to exchange the rewards on the Xmas activities panel directly.



Christmas Iris

New Pet- Christmas Iris

Available Skill Amount:6
The Minimum Talent:4
The Maximum Talent:5
HP Added Value After Advancement:
Primary – Junior: 4000
Junior – Senior: 6000
Period of Use: Permanent

Mysterious Christmas Treasure Chest
The Santa Claus was hurrying come and go, he carelessly left one Mysterious treasure chest on Stilland Land. There are mysterious treasures in the chest and waiting for our adventurers to explore.
During the Xmas event time, players are able to purchase the Christmas Treasure Chest from the store, after opening it, you will have chance to gain random luxurious reward. Every Christmas Chest will cost 39 Dragon Gold.
In Additional, the Snowflake can be obtained from the chest, too! Don’t miss it!

The Store: You can get in the store from backpack or the NPC – Federation
Using Limit: need to reach lv20
Purchase time: unlimited

Christmas Treasure Chest

Open the Treasure Chest to randomly obtain one of the following:
Gold* 100k
Action Point*30
Dragon Gold*30
Action Point*60
Crit Gem II*1
Block Gem II*1
Dodge Gem II*1
Horoscope Debris*30