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Follow Armor Games on Twitter to get a more personal experience and view of Armor Games along with a multitude of surprises! Our twitter account will consist of updates within Armor Games such as: new games, new hires, new updates on AG3, and some of our games that have emerged onto mobile markets. Our twitter is the way of finding out the latest info about Armor Games.

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Last but not least, we will be featuring a lot more of what is going on within Armor Games for a chance to better know our company as a whole.  We will be posting pictures, from company events and vacations, possibly releasing pictures of new characters from upcoming games and things of this nature. This is your chance to be truly become apart of Armor Games and also enjoy very special promotions and offers. With all of these pro’s to following us on twitter listed, it would be crazy not to follow Armor Games. Make sure you click one of the images to be directed to our twitter page to follow. You can also search for us on Twitter by typing “” in the search field. Make sure you hurry and follow, there will be a contest and promotion put up later today!