GCL Premium Content FAQ's


We have recently been receiving a lot of emails regarding the purchase of the premium content for GCL. Most of the emails we are receiving are very similar  to each other with what is being asked in the message. We have decided to make it easier for our user’s by posting the most frequently asked questions with answers!

I want to purchase GCL Premium edition, however, I only have a credit card and can not use PayPal. Is there any other option of payment? Unfortunately, as of now PayPal is the only method of payment for the premium content. Other payment options are currently being considered although nothing is final.

I registered in Armor Games and bought the Premium Content. It worked fine for a few days then I came back and it was no longer working. Why is this? This is a very common issue with our users. This has been happening to user’s because when you register on our website, you get a username and password. Once you log into Armor Games and purchase the Premium Content, the premium content is saved to your username. Most user’s are playing the premium content right after it is enabled not noticing their username while logged in. What happens is when the user’s come back to play the premium content a couple days later, they are under the impression the premium content does not work. What really happened is the user has been logged out of his Armor Games account and the content is only enabled on your account. Something important to note when purchasing the Premium Content is to write down your username issued when registering at Armor Games. Your email is not your login ID and I know a lot of auto fill-ins tend to do this.

Hopefully this clears up some of the confusion seeing these are the most frequently asked questions! 🙂