Gemini Strike #1 on iTunes

From Krin, the same brilliant mind behind the Sonny and Sinjid Series, strap into your ship and prepare for an explosive challenge! In Gemini Strike you blast your way through enemy ships, evade fiery asteroids, sneak through blockades and face off against epic bosses in this action packed adventure. When the blasting’s done, raid ships to find random items to customize your own individual fighter.

UPDATE: We’re proud that you could be with us as Gemini Strike tops the iTunes Charts. Over the weekend it ranked #1 on Free RPG games, #2 on Free Action Games and #11 on over ALL free games. We’ve had a flood of personal messages and e-mails from users who are in love with our Space RPG Hybrid, and we’re are excited about what the future holds!

Gemini strike is now available worldwide for iPhone/iPad.