Grimoire's Greatest Mystery

Detective Grimoire

Many years ago, an explorer enters a mysterious swamp. In the distance he notices a strange creature lurking in the murky waters. He makes sketches in his journal, and leaves the swamp in peace, never to return.

60 years later, and the swamp creature – still unknown to science – is now best known a famous cartoon character. That same swamp is home to a bizarre tourist attraction. Why would anyone come here in their free time….?

Work on the new Detective Grimoire is going strong! You can sign up to be first to know when the game is released:

We have a cast of over 10 characters, fully animated and voiced. Not all of them are suspects!





We’ve been working on the conversation system, too. The heart of the game is the characters, after all. Each suspect will have a selection of topics to choose from, as well as the option to present any clue or suspect profile for discussion. Oh, and a mysterious locked option! What could it be…..?


We also have beautiful background art from Catherine Unger, a new member to the team! I’m really loving the look of the scenery, so far. I would visit this swamp!




Well, thats all for now. I’ve been staying with Tom for the last two weeks and we’ve been working solidly in our little “Super Flash Studio” (his living room). Don’t forget to check out the Grimoire Blog for a couple more bits and pieces.

Leave a comment letting us know what you think! 🙂

-Dim & Tom