Halo 3 Approaching

Halo 3 AwesomeThis Friday, most people will be getting excited about the coming weekend and leaving work. Possible vacations, trips to the movies, or just sleeping-in will be floating in the minds of the millions who are commuting on the impacted Southern California freeways. But at a certain office in Orange County, there will be a group of well-trained individuals, dishing out the biggest whooping they can possibly imagine.

Armor Games is taking on fellow Flash gaming website Kongregate, in a Halo 3 game of epic proportions. Although Kongregate doesn’t know how epic it is, we are essentially in the mindset that this will ba an “end to the Return of the Jedi“-style attack. Since Kongregate has been secretive as to who their last two players are (Chris and Greg have been leaked), we basically feel like we are taking on much more than we can anticipate (which we probably are). These guys look pretty good.

Each team has picked three maps and three games, meaning we are playing a total of six matches. Even if one of the teams dominate we will continue to play all six games, just because we know it will take 2 hours to figure out how to set up the games. In the event of a tie there will be a sudden-death match, which both team Kong and AG have agreed to. Here are the matches that have been chosen:

+ Snowbound – Slayer

+ Narrows – Team King

+ Valhalla – VIP

+ The Pit – Team King

+ High Ground – Slayer

+ Isolation – Rockets

+ Sand Trap – CTF (In case of Tie after game 6)

We are pretty sure that victory is inevitable, but Kongregate has to have something up their sleeve. If all else fails, we always have the power of heart.