Happy New Year!


Hey there!

JayIsGames just put up their Best of 2008 voting and many games from Armor Games are nominated!  If you have a bit of free time pop over there and cast a quick ballot for the games you think are the best of the best for 2008.  It was an amazing year for casual and Flash gaming so it’ll be a tough choice (it was for me).


Second, the blog got a bit backed up with comments since early January and these comments have now been managed.  Thanks for your patience!

Third, we have several fun projects coming up for 2009.  Among them several new website features, new games, sequels, and of course… well I can’t spoil it all.  I am personally working on several projects including a platformer and that ever-so-sneaky RPG (it’s still in production!).  The game is looking phenomenal with some additional artistic help from an artist so I can’t wait to showcase it this month (or early next).

Happy 2009 everyone!  And don’t forget to recognize 2008 by going to JayIsGames for voting!