Hedgehog Launch CONTEST!!!

I’ve never really felt the need to beat other players at my own game.  Maybe it’s that feeling that “I created the game, so I shouldn’t really be a contender at it.”  But now I am thinking to myself that maybe once, just once, I could be best at my own game, Hedgehog Launch.

So I am issuing a global challenge.

Post a video to youTube of yourself beating my high score and everyone else’s on a single-run for Hedgehog Launch.  Record everything from launch to score tally.  I want to see of you can beat my score, and if you do, don’t worry, I’ll be right behind you to beat yours.  I’ll update this thread as things change.  No, don’t post images… I don’t trust your Photoshopping skills.

Winner with the single highest-scoring run (out of everyone of course) gets stickers, balls, pens, business cards, and whatever else I can fit in a manila envelope that’s sitting around the office.  I’ll ship it anywhere as long as it’s legal, including you Australians who dominated our last contest.  And if I end up winning this I will happily take the prizes for myself.

Official Rules

  1. You must play using the “Hedgehog Launch” game found on armorgames.com, unmodified and in it’s current working condition.

  2. Post a link to the youTube video confirming your feat via this thread.  The video must account for everything including the launch sequence (the pulling back of the hedgehog launcher) to the tally of the score for your launch.  Please make sure your video is decent quality, I will reject video that is poor quality, stutters a lot, or is ridiculous in some manner.  You can record either via a good screen recording software (need free recording software?) or a handheld video camera.  Please do not send screenshots or still images.

  3. Any indication of cheating will be detected. Don’t do it. We have ways of finding out. We reserve the right to take away a prize in the case that cheating has a occurred (ask us if you are unsure what cheating is).

  4. The one player with the greatest amount of money for a single-day run will be declared the winner.

  5. The current leaders will be updated in this thread as entries come in.
  6. If you have any questions feel free to ask in this thread or email me at John@armorgames.com!
  7. Deadline is July 31, at 11:59 pm PST.

Side Note:

I have come to terms with the fact that people annihilate my scores.  The difficulty of my games have always been based on my own ability to beat my own games, and I use that as a measure to tweaking the difficulty up or down.  I would think I would have an advantage over the common player since I wrote the code and know every single nuance from the get-go, but maybe that is not the case.  Many people come back immediately after playing my games and destroy all my high scores on their first playthrough. Very disheartening, I assure you.  Time to claim my revenge.


Silverfire: $937,345.50

Gabriel: $857,556.00

Chuck: $459,000.00

Maxil:  $446,212.50

John:  $312,606.52