Hundreds of Old Games are BACK!

Hello friends! It's been a bit over 2 years since the Flash Player was fully removed from browsers. When that happened, we let you know what Armor's plan would be. At that time, we told you about Ruffle, and how over 700 games would continue to work using their emulation technology.

Well, that technology has improved. We're bringing back an additional 300+ games that haven't been playable since 2020. This includes favorites like Warfare 1917, Warfare 1944, Sonny, Sonny 2, Warlords 2, Gun Mayhem, Desktop TD 1.5, Super Adventure Pals, and Pandemic II. It also includes some lesser known favorites of mine such as Rhythm Fireworks 2, Feudalism, Liquid Measure, and The Scene of the Crime. You can view the full list of games brought back from the dead here!

To get a bit more technical, all of these returning games are made using ActionScript 1 or 2. While Ruffle continues to make huge strides, it's JUST starting to really tackle ActionScript 3 games, which means a large portion of the Armor Games library remains unplayable. We continue to be incredibly confident in Ruffle Team's abilities and progress.

Happy replaying of old favorites to everyone 🙂

- The Armor Games Team