I Hate Traffic Early Production

Hi everyone!  I’m deep in midst of my next game, I Hate Traffic.  If you haven’t gathered, I Hate Traffic is a game based on the earlier Flash game I Love Traffic, a game about cars.  In the latest offering of traffic games, it’s time to smash things up.


Think of it as the aggressive younger brother with hormones raging.  I Love Traffic was about safely guiding traffic, but this incarnation will be all about causing damage.  The ying and yang of traffic direction, perhaps.  If you have ever played that Burnout 3 (PS2) crash mode you’ll know where I’m coming from on this one.


One new feature of this game is the ability to share your own challenges with others and make your own crash environments.  While the game is fairly early into production the editor is already underway.   Here’s a glimpse at the oh-so-early level editor.

More updates to follow, but I feel like sharing this game production because I am in the midst of trying new things and I would love to share my programming triumphs and struggles with the world.