iOS Release: House of Shadows

The PERFECT Halloween game arrives on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch! SNEAKING through a haunted house… HIDING from spooky ghosts… OUTSMARTING fiendish puzzles… Sound like your cup of tea? Then welcome to House of Shadows! In House of Shadows, your little sister has wandered into a haunted house. Sneak in after her, avoid the monsters, and lead her back to safety before the ghosts catch you! House of Shadows brings state-of-the-art light and shadow technology to the iOS platform. Torches glow and flicker in real time. Lightning casts shadows across dusty rooms. Your flashlight lights up dark corners. You’ve never seen graphics quite this lush on your iOS device!

* Addictive Hide and Sneak gameplay
* Unbelievable light and shadow effects
* 60 levels—and more arriving soon
* Two distinct monster types—ghosts and zombies
* Optimized for Retina displays—including iPhone 5 and the new iPad
* Choose your own character—girl or boy
* Two haunted houses full of puzzles, treasure, and adventure
* The most eye-popping graphics on the iOS platform

Check out House of Shadows on iOS. This is one you don’t wan’t to miss!