Kingdom Rush Day 2014

Kingdom Rush Frontiers launched on Armor Games a year ago, and being tower defense addicts we wanted to celebrate in a big way! We’ve launched a Kingdom Rush Quiz that could win you a KRF shirt, some exclusive Kingdom Rush Armatars that can be unlocked through Questing and two NEW Quests. Join us this weekend and build towers, kill a bunch of monsters and click on some exploding sheep.


Win a T-Shirt:

Are you the Ashbite of Kingdom Rush? Test your mettle against tough trivia questions from the franchise and see how you match up against your friends. Users that do well on the Quiz will be entered for a chance to win a Kingdom Rush T-Shirt.



Kingdom Rush Armatars:

Special Armatars are now available for users that have unlocked Easy, Medium and Hard Quest sets for Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Want to show love for your favorite Kingdom Rush character? Don’t wait, get earning those Quests today!



New Kingdom Rush Quests:

Two new Quests have launched for Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Play each game three days in a row, and unlock a special Hard Quest for each game. If you want to unlock the best Kingdom Rush Frontiers Armatars, you’ll need them!