Knights, Castles and Royal Weddings

It’s been a while since the blog was update, but we do have a few exciting announcements!

1.) Our Armor Office has been officially Knighted . They Knights were a grand gift from a great friend across the Pond. (Thanks Tony)

2.) Like Crushing Castles? Crush the Castle just got approved on the App store. It hasn’t gone live in their system yet, but you should be able to download it in a few hours. We’ll update the post once its live.

3.) Our very own Jmtb02 got married to his High School sweet heart Carlie. The wedding was in Napa Valley and they are now on a 2-week honeymoon to the outback. Make sure to stop by his page and congratulate them. Here’s some more pictures from the wedding.

Our goal is to update our blog on a more regular basis so stay tuned for lots of exciting information.

-The Armor Team