Lasers from space!!

Hey guys! James here. I guess I’ll be the first to start off the production blog with news of my latest project, ‘LASERS FROM SPACE!’…… or maybe ‘SPACE LASERS!’…

I’m still coming up with a cool name, but that can wait until the last week. ^_^ The idea is that you have to deflect laser beams shot from a power generator floating in outer space in order to hit poor stranded space shuttles, telescopes or satellites and charge them up. Trig makes me cry, and there’s a lot of it in this project. Release date is tentatively planned for the second week of November.

Right now, the photo-upload feature isn’t working, so check out the blog in a day or two, or RSS the site, and you’ll get to see how I go about planning flash projects on my awesome little white board.

Working at ArmorGames is turning out to be a lot of fun. John (jmtb02), Luka M. and Dan McNeely are great co-workers. Dan and John have got me addicted to Halo 3 multiplayer, and once I get my shiny new workstation, Luka and I are gonna dispense some cold, raw justice in TeamFortress 2 (LOVE that game!!). Feel free to see if I’m online. My XBLA ID is mondomaniatrics. Same goes for my Steam ID.

Much more later,

NG User ID: mongoid