Mr Walter's Grand Excursion

Mr Walter“Mr Walters was enjoying his afternoon cup of tea, when suddenly a loud bang occurred outside near his rubbish bins. ‘What could that be?’ pondered Mr. Walters placing his tea down gently and leaving the foyer.”

The tale of Mr. Walters is currently still in development, but after a very interesting meeting on the way back from Baja Fresh, James, Luka, and I discussed the possibilities of this rabbit who shot lasers from his eyes and swung with a grappling hook. The end result was the creation of a very stereotypical English rabbit, who spoke with a British accent and tended a victory garden. Somehow, the minor storyline evolve to him eating a very infectious carrot, which gives him the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes. How this will be implemented is soon to come, but the makings of Mr. Walter’s Grand Excursion are already on their way.

It’s been while since I have done a platformer-style game. The last one I did was nearly 3 years ago, and was one of the first games sponsored by Armor Games. It’s interesting to look back and see the progress made since then, but I have yet to really push the envelope when it comes to making a really decent platformer. Hopefully Mr. Walters can provide this experience. I assume this game will be in production for a while, since I have a lot going on at the time… but soon enough, we will all be able to enjoy the story of Mr. Walters and his grand excursion… somewhere.