My Parking Spot

I am normally quite a happy-go-lucky guy. I am usually never angry or ever upset, but there are some simple things I ask for that do not happen. One of them is my parking spot at work.

I get to work around 8 am every day, and like to park in the same parking spot every morning. It’s the best spot on the lot for several reasons. For one, the parking spot is in a perfect 12-5 pm shade spot. It gets hot in Southern California, and having a place to park my car in the shade is amazing. Especially right in front of the office… it minimizes the little time I can catch all those UV rays, and doesn’t cause me to feel terrible getting into the car after work.

Parking 2Second, the spot is a perfect place to get out. You are not getting out onto a hard cement, oh no you aren’t! You are getting onto a lush mix of soil and gravel, that supports the feet and makes it a dream to get out of the car. It’s like stepping onto a soft bed of grass! Really!

Additionally, your impact chances are reduced by 50% for car door dings and scratches! There are these terrible car accessories that go for about $50 each to protect your car from door scratches, so really, I feel like I am saving $50. That’s like 5 free lunches. And I feel much better going to lunch in a car with no dings on my left side.

I also like the idea that I can see my car from my workspace. I can supervise my car to make sure nothing bad is happening to it, like people swinging their doors out and hitting the unprotected side. It’s like 100% protection with that in mind! Bam! 5 more free lunches!

Now here’s the kicker. I park there every day of the week, but people still go out of the way to park in my spot! There is a small pain every time I have to park somewhere else. It just means that I have a much higher chance of getting dents in my car, it overheating, or having to get out of the car into a puddle of oil.

The entire parking lot is shared by several offices, so there are a lot of people I do not know in this parking lot. But all-in-all, we are all drivers in this parking lot and we see the same cars. So we should really know where we usually park, right? I think so!

But for the third day in a row, someone has taken my spot. It’s like people know it frustrates me. I am just hoping that next week will be a better week, for better parking spots that suit my needs and wants.

Or maybe this week is the week I put a cone in my spot when I leave. I genuinely think people would be too lazy to move the cone, and get back in their car to park. I actually think that could work…

So moral of the story… pick a parking spot and stick to it.  Everyone will be much happier, knowing that they have a spot reserved just for them!