Never Fear, I Am Here! To Save The Day!


Think of me as Underdog meets Mighty Mouse.  I am Tass! and it is my pleasure to assist all of you.  Some of you may know me already, but if not… I like to make walkthroughs of games to help those who would otherwise be perplexed (like Dan and John!)  You may start to notice links to video walkthroughs popping up inside Armor sponsored games or being added to the Armor Games official YouTube channel.  We all feel that these are highly beneficial to all of you guys, and have become an important aspect of the casual gaming culture.  As such, expect these videos to start becoming a typical feature within Armor’s games.  In addition to the walkthroughs, I’ll be creating trailers/teasers for some of the more anticipated upcoming releases…  to titillate, stimulate, tantalize, and mesmerize (just go with it…) you.

Pretty much, I just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you who I am and what I’ll be doing to assist you guys, the community of Armor Games.  Videos are already up for CrackShot and Snake Runner, so make sure to check those out!  Also subscribe to the Armor Games YouTube channel to get fast notification of trailers and walkthroughs (walkthroughs will almost always be released before the game hits the site, so you’ll be able to get a sneak preview that way as well!)

Please don’t hesitate to post a comment to my wall or to the YT channel.  I want to know your feedback.  What would you like to see changed or improved on the guides?  Is there a previously released Armor Games game that doesn’t currently have a walkthrough that you feel just HAS to have one?  Am I really not funny in prose despite myself thinking otherwise?  Let me know.  Or just drop in to say hello.