AFD Coins: April Fools!

**Thanks everybody for playing along with our April Fools Joke! Many of you are asking “What are these coins for?” It really is a great question, we’ll be sure to ask the King next time we see him. 🙂

Still missing our AP system? We’re happy to announce the launch a new point system at last on Armor Games! AFD are a fun way to compete against your friends as you play your favorite games. Helping the king search for treasure may appear simple at first, but it has quite a bit of complexity to it Here are a few hints to get you started…

  • You can mute or minimize the King’s window by clicking on the top green bar.
  • Not getting many coins? Try a different page, Pages that haven’t been visited often tend to give higher payouts than the page everybody is on.
  • Don’t have any friends? Add some! *Wink Wink*
  • Don’t click t0o fast! It will reset your timer.
  • The timer won’t reset if you change pages, so browse freely.
  • There is a very, very, very small chance you may get a Magic Diamond. If you do, e-mail me at for your prize!

Thanks for playing everybody, we’re excited to see where this system may take us in the future. Be sure to leave your comments and feedback. 🙂