New Release: Bloom Defender

Grow unique defensive trees along the paths leading to the Mother Tree to protect it from elemental spirits. Be strategic and cast powerful spells to weaken the elemental spirits and affect their behavior. You must purge them before they reach the Mother Tree! This is a TD worth checking out. Bloom Defender has an already impressive rating of 8.2. Here’s what some users had to say:

“This is a good TD – we see so many of them its good to see a new take.  I like that the towers correspond to elements in a non-traditional way, and that the enemies respond well to both spells and tower dmg.  Good game.”- orionkaride

“Very good tower defense.  I like the focus on the spells as active part of the game.  It feels more like an active game than a tower defense that can sometimes feel very passive.”- Psychochild

Check it out now!