Crush the Castle on Android

Crush the Castle on Android

Since 2009, players have enjoyed smashing, bursting, destroying, and, yes, CRUSHING castles of all types in our series of projectile games. I mean, come on; you load up a trebuchet and let it fly to try and topple precariously built structures with only a few shots and watch the property damage unfold… what’s not to love?

Well, it’s time to load up some boulders and set sail for smashin’ once again. Crush the Castle: Siege Master is now available free on your mobile device.


The original Crush the Castle Flash game was an instant classic, and we’re excited to bring the series up to the modern era by keeping its premise intact, but updating it with colourful 3D graphics and real-time physics destruction, not to mention all new power-ups. There are no annoying timers or pay walls either; players can watch ads to get another shot at a level if they fail, or opt to purchase extra power-ups to make things easier if they wish. We hope you’ll get Crush the Castle: Siege Master, and help us spread the news!

Check out the official Crush the Castle: Siege Master website, and follow Armor Games on Twitter and Facebook.

Author: Dora Breckinridge / Follow me on Twitter!