Portal the Flash Version (Nominated for Best Web Game)

Portal: The Flash Version at Zeebys Awards 2008!

Hey everyone! Ido Tal here, me and my partner Hen Mazolski, the creators of Portal: The Flash Version, have some exciting news! Portal: The Flash Version was nominated for the Best Web Game of 2007 award at Zeebys’ second annual casual game awards.

Every time our game gets mentioned like that, it reminds me of the development of the game. Me and Hen worked on polishing the game a lot. I remember not sleeping two days, skipping school, in order to make it with the last deadline we set to ourselves, and we made it 5 hours before! Good times.

I would be extremely grateful if you guys vote for us in the Web Game category at Zeebys’ in the following link: Vote Here

*Make sure to click through the various voting pages to reach the ‘Best Web Game’ voting page.