Post PAX Pix Post (Updated)

Post PAX Pix Post (Updated)

Armor Games was at PAX East last month for the first time ever. It was pretty great, people laughed and enjoyed the five games we showed and lots of prizes were given away with the prize wheel. Check out the video and pictures below.

Armor Games showcased five games at PAX East. Check them out on Steam Greenlight if you haven’t had the chance.

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 004

Some pre-event testing.

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 007

The Armor Games Booth Bros.

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 008

Atmos Games with an actual, real, live game tester!

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 014

Ferret manning the prize station.

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 024

Spin! Spin! Spin!

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 022

To Win! Win! Win! Crowns, Shirts, Cats, and Hats!

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 064

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 036

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 046

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 060

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 039

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 055

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 056

Thanks to everyone for trying out our games.

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 052

One final picture of the cutest prize combination in the universe.

If you were at PAX East be sure to share a picture with @ArmorGames on twitter, if you weren’t we hope to see you at future conventions.