Quirky Game Awards of 2012

The Game of the Year voting has come and gone, but we felt several games stood out that were overlooked.  Whether you wish to become a sports hero with the body of the Death Star or aspire to have an undead girlfriend, Armor Games has you covered.  Congratulations to these quirky game winners!


Best Game about Robbing Trains: Loot: The Game

Our first accolade goes to Loot: The Game, the must-play for any aspiring train robbers.  Not only does it *train* you on how to rob a speeding locomotive, it also informs you on how to destroy various defense systems and prepares you for the trunks full of loot you’ll surely receive.



Best Game that lets you play as the Death Star: Stick Figure Badminton 2

So they call him Robotron 3000, but judging from the way he handles that racket there must be dark forces lingering under his robotic facade.  The first foe is Naughty Nadia, but don’t let her compliments fool you – she just wants your thermal exhaust port.



Best Game with Pancakes: Papas Pancakeria

Breakfast foods are a thing here at Armor Games.  We have waffles for breakfast, pancakes for lunch and cinnamon rolls stuffed with fruit pudding for dinner.  So it’s not easy to hand out this year’s “Best Game with Pancakes” award.  That said, the game is about making pancakes.



Best Game for Punting Your Boss Out  a Window: Boss Abuse

Every year there is some small flash game about punishing your boss for his incompetence   While we’ve never quite understood that (since our boss is super amazing), we sympathize with your plight.  Imagine your boss’ face as he goes flying out this window and down the street.



Best Game about Zombie Girlfriends: I Saw Her Standing There

It’s a tale as old as time itself.  Boy meets girl.  Boy loves girl.  Girl is a zombie.  Boy follows the girl around relentlessly trying to trap her in a cage lest she feast on his brains, shooting other zombies that may stand in the way of their undead love affair.  Well, we all know how this story ends!

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Best Game with Ninja Bears: Ninja Bear

There are many games about Ninjas.  There are many games about bears.  But ninja bears chucking throwing stars at baddies is just too awesome to ignore.  Though purple teddy would rather be playing Skyrim, no time for games – they must save the world.  How? By being badass bear ninjas.