Run Elephant Run Releases


Although it was only in production for 48 hours, Run Elephant Run was somehow not involved with the 48-hour game jam, but I am going to say it was “in-spirit.”   I started on Thursday morning and wrapped up Friday night before leaving on a small mini-vacation to the coast.

This game is super silly and super fun from a developer’s perspective.  With a focus in storytelling and changing environments this was not about special codes or incredible game engines.  This was a small game telling a silly little story through simple graphics and art style.  I had a good chance to play with Photoshop and other art programs  In spirit with Elephant Rave and Achievement Unlocked, the elephant comes back for a round three title with mission in-hand once more.

Anyway, go play my new game and enjoy my first 2009 contribution :).  Also go check out Tasslefoot’s walkthrough, who once again makes a video before I even have time to put the game on another site.

In other news, I’m going back to the super-long-taking-forever platformer after this.  We’ve optimized this one to run MUCH better than it was before so I’m excited to get back into gear.