Sales and Site News

Sales and Site News

It’s been a busy few months here at Armor Games! So busy we had to compile it all in a huge update post to cover it all. You want sales? We got that. You want games on Android? Son, we got that too! You want Sonny on Steam? We got that, but to be determined at a later date as we focus on testing and bug smashing, which I know is a statement that you guys are just gonna find, like, super satisfying, but it’s what I got for ya. So without further ado, let’s get to that sweet, sweet newsage.

Sentry Knight Tactics
Sentry Knight Tactics is Half Off on Steam!
Do you need tiny, adorable heroes violently murdering tiny, adorable monsters? Of course you do. Luckily, from now until April 3rd, Sentry Knight Tactics is just $4.99 on Steam. That’s colourful, challenging real-time indie strategy action for a bargain price. Help us spread the news, and maybe consider picking it up to support the developers and indulge in a little cartoon carnage. Aw yeah.

Don't Escape
Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland Greenlit!
It happened so fast we almost missed it. scriptwelder’s Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland was Greenlit on Steam in just a week! What! The upcoming game will feature hours of content, far bigger than any of the short, free Don’t Escape Flash games, and replayability in the form of variable obstacles and endings. To learn more and follow the development, check out the official website.

Cursed Treasure 2
Cursed Treasure 2 on Steam Greenlight!
If you’ve always wanted to play Cursed Treasure 2 in glorious HD and show some support to the developers, Cursed Treasure 2 will be your opportunity to do so. The Flash version will always remain free to play here, but the Steam version will contain all the sharp shininess of the iOS version. If you’d give us a vote on Greenlight and spread the news it would be appreciated! Look for Cursed Treasure 2 on Android very, very soon. *kisses fingers* So soon. Speaking of which…

Gemini Strike
Gemini Strike is on Google Play!
EYOOOOOO! That’s right. Krin’s addictive classic arcade scrolling space shooter Gemini Strike is finally available free on Android as we continue our quest to bring the most oft-requested iOS titles to the platform. (Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean other more current releases are far off.) We hope you’ll check it out and help us spread the news.

Pixels Contest
Armatar Contest: Pixels!
Feeling artsy? Why not take some time to enter our contest to design an Armatar (that’s an Avatar for you newcomers) and show off your talents? From now until 4/22, you can create and enter unique designs under the theme of pixels. Aw yeah, kickin’ it old school! Full details are available on the forums. Accounts are free, so why not sign up and say hello if you haven’t already?

Armor Games Studios official site launched!
It’s no secret that Armor Games has been sponsoring indie creators for years. The official launch of our publishing website was a long time coming, but now that it’s live, you can use it to keep up to date on our premium titles… or, hey, even pitch us your game for publishing! updates coming!
So what’s happening under the hood here, you ask? Quite a bit! The first is an upcoming substantial overhaul of the way profile pages look and work, to allow you to better keep in contact with the people you like, share the games you love, and more. Keep an eye out for a preview soon!

I got to pet a really fluffy cat today!
That’s not official studio news, technically. It’s just something that happened, and I thought y’all should know.


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