Sentry Knight Tactics

** WE DID IT GUYS! Sentry Knight Tactics is now Greenlit! Thank you so much for all your help and support, you helped make this happen. 🙂

Want to support Armor Games and the indie developers we publish? Sentry Knight Tactics, a challenging and charming real-time strategy game by the creators of the hit Flash series, is now available on Steam. Check it out!

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Command your team of powerful heroes and lead them to victory. Upgrade your party by unlocking new characters, looting powerful gear, and leveling up.

Sentry Knight Tactics is an action-strategy adventure game with epic quests, hordes of enemies to slaughter, beautiful environments to explore, and lots of treasure to loot.  This game will take place directly after the events of the Sentry Knight Conquest web game. Thank you for voting, every “Yes” matters! 🙂


New Armatars:

Show your support, wear one of these new Sentry Knight Tactics Armatars! beep3



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