SHIFT Level Editor Released - Earn $$$!

SHIFT Editor 1.1I’m proud to announce the release of the full-featured Level Editor for SHIFT 2! With this editor you can generate codes and playable levels to be included in SHIFT 2. And thanks to the generosity of Armor’s Main Man Dan, you could earn big bucks for your work! – Details at the bottom.

Here are some basic instructions to get you started.

  • Check out the sample levels – these will explain a lot to you just by looking at them.
  • Once you have a sample level open, preview and play it, then return to the editor.
  • In the editor you can build your level with the tools at the bottom of the screen, these include everything you need to make amazingly awesome SHIFT levels.
  • To Rotate the level (to give yourself a better idea of how it will play while still in the editor, press the Right and Left Arrow Keys.
  • To Rotate the item you are currently using (such as spikes) press the Up and Down Arrow Keys.
  • You can link keys to doors and switches to ‘CheckSpace’ in the sidebar which appears on the right hand side.
  • Give it a go! – you’ll learn more about it by trying than by reading my rambling attempt at instructions :p .

Here’s the lowdown on getting paid for your designs.

Using the attached SHIFT editor, you design and build 4 quality levels and save the generated level codes in a text ( .txt) document using Notepad or your operating system of choice’s alternative.

Once you have 4 levels made and stored in this txt file, send them as an email over to me at for me to look through along with your name, age and contact email if it’s not the same as the one you are using.

Here’s the interesting bit. If I decide to include one of the levels from your pack of 4 (or up to 4 of them if they rock :p) then you get paid $50 via Paypal.

You also get your name included in the credits of SHIFT2 as recognition that you contributed – Rock on!

There are some things to take into consideration however, if i suspect any foul play (copying level designs from others etc) then I reserve my right refuse to use and/or pay for it – so make sure you only use your own work. Payment will be sent via Paypal, so make sure you have access to an account if you’re included. These rules may be changed at any time to account for arising issues but I’ll do my best to be fair, so don’t worry.

Spread this around to as many people you know, I want tonnes of cool levels 😀

Send it to 5 people – you will have a lucky day.

Send it to 10 people – your crush will ask you out.

Send it to 15 people – your fondest wishes will come true!

… not really on those last three points :p