Sierra 7 - a revolutionary new flash First Person Shooter

Sierra 7

Developed by Simon Hason & Cody Hamway

About this Game ( Sierra 7 ):

Sierra 7 is a tactical shooting game with emphasis on realistic counter-terrorism game play. This is an on rails first person shooter. The avatar automatically moves through the world and the user focuses on aiming and shooting. There are a variety of missions, guns and badges for the users to unlock. With a bit of market research we have found that this is one of, if not the most immense, realistic and detailed flash first person shooter on the web.

The programming in this game is very unique to flash shooters. Every gun responds differently, enemies are placed randomly making each play through unique with a smart and challenging AI script, and all the unlocks / progress is saved data so the user can come back and continue later.


Very little in this game has been drawn in flash. The worlds and weapons are all 3D models made by Cody Hamway and have been manipulated in to flash  flawlessly.

Game play

The users start off with simple guns and a training map and must work their way through to unlock more weapons and missions. There is a badge system as well for users to unlock with tasks such as headshots, suppressed weapon kills, pistol kills ect. There are game play varieties to spice things up such as defusing bombs, hostage rescue and sniping. Users can track their stats in-game and everything saves in their cache so they can pick up where they left off.

Screenshots :

Closing statement :

I, Simon Hason, along with Cody Hamway and the staff at Armor Games are very excited to release this game for all of your enjoyment. We have all worked hard to make this a great experience and can’t wait to hear the feedback from the community.

This game will be available

January 5, 2011.