Sinjid: Priest Class Preview

Hi ArmorBlog readers! I’m Krin, and I’m here to talk about the new character class in my upcoming action RPG Sinjid!

The ‘Priest’ is the ranged caster class in Sinjid. Watch the Gameplay Video!

As a Priest, you will have powerful spells and projectiles, but you are also the most fragile class in the game. Just a few hits will be enough to kill you. To deal with this, you will have a large arsenal of defensive and control skills to keep the enemies at bay.

The playing style is a lot less ‘hack-n-slash’ than the Assassin class (which was featured in the other videos). You will need a strategy to fight your enemies. There are two ways to play a Priest – either as an Intellect based ranged caster, or as an Agility melee fighter. But in either case, the philosophy is the same. One wrong cast, poor positioning, or bad Focus (Sinjid’s ‘mana’) management could lose you the fight.

Here are some examples of the skills:

Summon Shadow
Spawn an ally to fight alongside you temporarily.

Shadow Lock
Damage an enemy, and suspend it in mid-air.

Soul Shatter
A finishing move that drains all of your Focus, and converts it into damage. This is one of the most powerful attacks in the game; but without Focus you’ll be sitting duck.

Create a duplicate of yourself to take your place, while the real you turns invisible.

Energy Field
Instantly recover all of your Focus, and create an energy field where you are standing. Any enemies that enter this field will be frozen, but invulnerable.

PS: I don’t know when this game will be finished yet, but it’s getting closer everyday! So keep an eye on ArmorBlog (or on my blog) for any updates! 🙂