Sinjid Quests

Sonny and Colony fans rejoice!  Sinjid released from beta earlier this week. The expertly crafted RPG adventure includes 4 separate classes, over 300 items and equipment and nine epic bosses to defeat.  Discover the story of Sinjid, a Shinobi prisoner fighting for his freedom and seeking to find his master’s true killer.

Along with Krin releasing this long-awaited game, 12 quests also await those brave enough to meet the challenge. Many have been battling to be among the first to defeat Lord Kazuro and complete the most prestigious quest: “A New Beginning“.

As of this article, here are the current statistics:

  1. Three Times the Charm: 65,374 Completed
  2. Mad Blood: 58,012 Completed
  3. Ikura Maki: 27,943 Completed
  4. One Hundred Crits: 34,523 Completed
  5. One Hundred Blocks: 3,835 Completed
  6. A Tragic Slip: 20,812 Completed
  7. Cold Blood: 39,656 Completed
  8. Paragon: 14,108 Completed
  9. Unstoppable Force: 14,407 Completed
  10. Rescue Operation: 16,004 Completed
  11. Shogun Showdown: 9,020 Completed
  12. A New Beginning: 2,950 Completed

The real question is however, who’s beaten the game on hard mode?