Sinjid: Warrior Class

Hi ArmorBlog readership,

Here is an crossed-post article about the third character class in my Action-RPG Sinjid:

Behold the mighty Warrior – Click here to check out the video preview!

As you would expect, the Warrior is a heavy melee fighter, with very strong attacks. This comes at a cost – they lack the mobility of Assassins and the control of Priests. But that doesn’t matter, because the defensive capabilities of a Warrior are unparalleled – they are very hard to kill. That’s why a Warrior never runs. That, and also because their heavy armor really slows them down :3

The playing style of a Warrior is very dependant on timing. You will have way less ‘active’ skills than the other classes – but your ‘passive’ skills are a lot more meaningful. Whilst the Assassin and Priests are designed to hit hard then get away, Warriors are designed to stay engaged. To help with this, Warriors have a chained Kunai attack which can pull enemies towards you (the “GET OVER HERE!” spell). They also have some of the best defensive spells in the whole game.

Here are some examples of the Warrior skills:

Release a powerful shockwave that damages all enemies near you, and causes them to deal 75% less damage for 4 seconds.

Kunai Sting
A ranged attack that hooks and pulls the target towards you.

Brutal Advantage (Passive)
Every 10 seconds, you gain “Brutal Advantage” – causing your next attack to be critical, and to also stun the target.

Avenger (Passive)
Every hit you take has a 10% chance to cause your next attack to deal double damage.

Blade Storm
Rapidly strike the enemy 3 times in a row.