Soda Dungeon on Android

Soda Dungeon on Android

Stock the tavern with rare sodas, entice adventurers to join your cause, and plunder a massive dungeon for loot in this turn-based dungeon crawler. Soda Dungeon takes the nostalgic RPG combat from your childhood, mixes in an epic treasure syrup, and shakes it with great vigor to a fizzy concoction that leaves you wanting more…

Soda Dungeon is now available for Android as well as iPad and iPhone. As a bonus, Android users get a special Android pet.


To celebrate the release of Soda Dungeon, we’re holding a Create a Soda Contest. The Grand Prize winner will win a Soda Holder + T-shirt + Sushi Cat. Two runners up will get T-shirt + Sushi Cat

Remember, if you like the game let us know how you feel on iTunes or Google Play. 🙂








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