Some things in Life....

Back when E3 was about Games, SWAG, Laura Croft Look-a-likes, and extravagant booths, there was college kid who had a dream of attending the show. His dream quickly was defeated by the reality of E3 being open to ‘Business Professionals’ only.

Where there is a Will, there is a Way; and this college hopeful created his own company called LAM (Local Area Marketing) that specialized in Video Game Marketing. Did the company have any clients or revenues? Nope, but they had business cards and a Charming CEO!

The day of the show arrived and like a Kid in a Candy store the CEO browsed the showroom floor grabbing free shirts, stickers and hobnobbing with the elite. Checking the E3 program revealed that Tony Hawk was going to be there endorsing his new (and yet to be released) game ‘Tony Hawk Pro-Skater 2’.

For the rest of the story, You’ll have to watch the video!

Video Credits:
Starring Daniel McNeely & Tony Hawk
Produced and Edited by Adam Barisoff
Voice Over by James Evans

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