Sonny 2 - Patch 1.4 Changes

Sonny 2

Just wanted to keep everyone updated on the changes included in the newest version of Sonny 2. The team is still hard @ work so expect more exciting news.

Re: Patch 1.4 Changes

  • ‘NaN PvP’ Bug fixed.
  • ‘Low Damage Done’ Bug fixed.
  • ‘Increased Damage Taken’ Bug fixed.
  • Restore is fixed and scales properly now.
  • Regulate now destroys 30 Focus, but heals 5/8/11 to you per turn.
  • Epiphany cannot be dispelled by Corruption.
  • Slash now stacks a ‘10% less healing’ de-buff on the target.
  • Enlightened Helm fixed.
  • Flexible Armor fixed.
  • White ZPCI Gloves now available in Zone 2 Shop.
  • Re-Spec cost reduced by 30%.